Wooden Saya For Yanagi 270mm
야나기바 전용 나무 칼집
  • 이미지를 갤러리 뷰어에로드, Wooden Saya For Yanagi 270mm
  • 이미지를 갤러리 뷰어에로드, 야나기바 전용 나무 칼집

야나기바 전용 나무 칼집

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Only available for knives purchased in-store/online at the same time.

Our sheaths are handcrafted from Magnolia wood by our skilled craftsmen for each individual knife to ensure a perfect fit.

If you buy only sheaths, they may not fit your knives.In that case, please adjust it by yourself. Also, you cannot cancel the order after delivery or return it later.

*Please choose the size that matches your knives.

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