Knives for Wedding Gifts

Marriage can be one of the biggest events in our lives.

It's often a time of happiness, new beginnings, and spending quality time with loved ones - plus it's a time when you recieve blessings from the most people.

As a way of cutting a path into the future, why not consider giving a bride and groom-to-be a kitchen knife on their special day? This blog is here to help you accomplish that.

Knives are practical and make great gifts!

Getting married means entering a new chapter in your life.

With a new life starting, many new things are needed or wanted to match that feeling of movement and progress.

Since cooking is something many of us do every single day (sometimes more than once,) we feel the most appreciated tool is a knife, no matter how many knives we already own.

In that sense, we believe a kitchen knife is the perfect gift for a wedding. We go further into detail as to why and how "knives open up the future" in our blog about gift giving etiquette, so please give that a read to learn more!

Recommended Wedding Gift Knives

As a first recommendation, we feel our best selling SWORD-FV10 Santoku knife is a perfect fit for a wedding gift. It's easy to use and maintain, plus resists rusts well.

For a knife that has a more Japanese-inspired design, try going for the AUS10 Sazanami Wa-Santoku, complete with a tsuchime finish, a damascus pattern near the blade edge and oak wooden handle. This knife holds it edge for a long time and is beautiful to look at.

If you're looking for absolute quality and want to give the best knife possible as a gift, go with the Kirameki Blue Steel #1 Wa-Santoku, complete with an mirror-like kuroro urushi lacquered handle for the pinnacle of luxury. This is a carbon steel knife, so it will require more maintenance and care as they are not rust-resistant. But it cuts at the best of its class.

Make a wish on the knife

Although knives can mean "opening a way to the future" like we said earlier, it's easy for them to be accidentally miscontrued as a method of "cutting ties", a negative connotation you likely do not want to be adding to your gift.

Since the gift is important to you as you've put the time and effort into thinking about and getting it, and important to them as something useful in their lives, it's important to remove any possible confusion.

At our store, we make wishes on our knives for such special times.

We do this by inserting two Go stones, referred to as go-ishi, which are hard objects.

By adding a hard item like go-ishi into your gift, it signifies that no matter the two married people may have, it will be unbreakable.

If you'd like this with your order, please write "Include Go Stones" or "For Marriage Ceremony" as part of your order or contact us and we'll reach out to check.

Another way to add some special flair to this gift is to personalise it with a name engraving, which comes free on all our purchases and adds a very personal touch to all our knives. You can read more about name engraving on our blog about it here!

Make sure the gift you're giving has the intent you mean to give it. You can always add a personal card or message!