The Ancient Tradition of Japanese Paulownia Gift Boxes

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When you give a gift, how do you package it?

Do you place in a gift bag? Wrap it? Box it? Or leave it as is? Do you only wrap when it's a big ocassion, or also when it's something minor?

The tradition of gift giving in Japan has been around for centuries and continues to hold strong today as an inherent part of Japanese culture.

The importance of wrapping and presentation is equally important. Sometimes the "presentation" of a gift is almost as important as the gift itself.

One type of packaging that continues to be used now is the Paulownia Box, and it has become especially synonymous with high quality Japanese Knives.

Why the Paulownia Box

The custom of giving gifts in wooden boxes stems from ancient Budhhist rituals and practices. The purpose of the boxes evolved over time to how they're used now.

High end gifts will often be presented in a quality Paulownia Wood Box.

Paulownia is considered an ideal wood for a number of reasons. It is lightweight and tough, thus easy to transport. It naturally repells insects and is heat and moisture resistant. Which, in a hot and humid country like Japan, is very important.

In relation to kitchen knives, the benefits are obvious. A pawlonia box will keep moisture away from your blades, the durable wood will protect the edge and the natural tannins in the wood will keep bugs away.

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