The Kirameki Range

THE KIRAMEKI RANGE by Sakai Ichimonj Craftsman Watanabe-San

Nowadays, Stainless Steel handled knives are commonly available in the market.

The Kirameki range is a popular knife series, with a design reminiscent of classic Japanese knives and the performance to match.

An All-Stainless-Steel knife that gives you a taste of Japan.

All-Steel knives were inspired by standard kitchen cutlery, most forks and spoons are made from one piece of stainless steel, making them low maintenance and hygienic.

With this inspiration in mind, many All-Steel Kitchen knives have a distinctly western aesthetic.

At Sakai Ichimonji we decided to focus on a modern update to the classic Japanese Knife design and created the Kirameki Range.

A Japanese Octagonal Handle

Cleverly, the President of Sakai Ichimonji felt a modernised octagonal handle shape would appeal to Japanese chef’s ,

offering that same flexibility of grip style and honouring Japanese knife tradition.

The design of the Kirameki range, is particularly fitting for Sakai Ichimonji,

as a company that has focused on supporting the Japanese culinary world for over 70 years.

Chef Knives’ grow in popularity in Japan

In recent years, the Chef knife has begun to dominate the Japanese kitchen world as the go to knife.

However Japanese Style chef knives rely on wood handles, made from Magnolia or other exotic woods.

In many workplaces a knife with wooden handle, can’t be used for hygienic reasons,

so the Kirameki range was designed to meet the needs of Japanese Restaurants and still retain a Japanese style.

Many “All-Steel” kitchen knives are made from low grade steels, our blades on the other hand,

are made of Japanese VG1 Stainless Steel, a great steel that has proven its worth in the field.

How is it to sharpen?

The feeling is more akin to that of Carbon Steel.

We have noticed many All-steel knives are soft along the blade edge in comparison to other knives.

Indeed, our Kirameki range is slightly softer, and I would’ve loved it to be hardened a little higher on the Rockwell,

but the performance is still exceptional and any harder would make it difficult for the user to sharpen themselves.

The Kirameki range is available on our Website at the links below