Kirameki Suminagashi Kiritsuke Deba Knife

The Kirameki Suminagashi Kiritsuke Deba Knife

We are proud to launch the new KIRAMEKI Suminagashi Kiritsuke Deba Knife.

At Sakai Ichimonji, we are continually evolving our knife designs and styles to meet the needs of professional Japanese chefs, home cooks and Japanese Knife collectors.

The new Kirameki Suminagashi Kiritsuke Deba Knife represents the next step in satisfying all three users, by blending a traditional Japanese Deba knife with the edge geometry reminiscent of a Kiritsuke style Yanagiba Sashimi knife.


The Kirameki Suminagashi Kiritsuke Deba Knife is made from Japanese Blue Steel #1, a steel that is capable of reaching an incredibly sharp and fine edge.

This particular knife features a beautiful Suminagashi pattern running through the blade much like ink flowing. Our Suminagashi blade is made from a combination of Blue Steel #1 (Aoichi) and pure iron. The metals are repeatedly forge welded together, requiring great skill from the craftsman to create a strong weld and beautiful pattern.

The Suminagashi Deba blade is forged, and heat treated to its ideal hardness and then carefully polished and sharpened to reveal it's one of a kind marble-like pattern across the blade.

For this unique Deba Knife, Sakai Ichimonji chose to give it a striking and practical Kiritsuke style tip and traditional Japanese single-edge bevel.

The Kirameki Suminagashi Kiritsuke Deba has a very imposing blade profile,
but it's not just for looks. This blade shape makes the traditional Japanese Deba knife much more versatile.

Japanese Deba knives are designed for chopping through fish heads and tough fish bones.

The increased surface area of the edge and the more aggressive grind now give the user an extremely tough and sharp cutting edge that can be used for fine detailed work too.

The team at Sakai Ichimonji chose to keep the classic Japanese Octagonal Knife handle on the Deba.

The Japanese Octagonal handle affords the user multiple grip angles and points and of course is still the preferred handle shape for most sashimi and sushi chefs.

Our Deba is using a Black Oak handle that has been crisply shaped and polished to bring out its natural luster.

The Kirameki Suminagashi Kiritsuke Deba is available in 3 blade lengths

150mm, 180mm and 210mm.

The Kirameki range is available on our Website at the links below