Collaboration with Experieat Cooking Class

In addition to eating, sight-seeing and shopping in Japan, tourists also have a wide choice of activities to experience and enjoy. These can be walking around in kimono, and attending tea ceremony classes among other things.

One of the activities that has become more popular among foreign tourists in recent times is “Japanese Cooking Classes”. Attendees can learn recipes and how to cook so they can enjoy Japanese cuisine in their own home after they return to their countries. Or, cook them in their own homes here in Japan!

At Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide, we continue to pass on the culture of absolute sharpness from generation to generation and cherish Japanese culinary culture not only in Japan, but also all over the world.

We cooperated with “Experieat Osaka Flavors” to organize a cooking class for foreign students a few days ago. This had the objective of giving young people from different countries, who speak different first languages and have different cultures the opportunity to make fun memories and have a great experience through Japanese cooking, using our supremely sharpness-focused knives.

About Experieat Osaka Flavors

Experieat Osaka Flavors is a Japanese Cooking Class in Namba, a major city of South Osaka. It was established by the friendly cooking instructor, Yucco. Yucco has been to many countries around the world, plus has a wealth of experience about teaching Japanese cooking to her foreign friends. Therefore, she decided to open this cozy cooking class in 2016, continuing to make Osaka visitors happy from then until now and going forward.

Yucco wants to make Japanese cuisine fun and available for everyone around the world, so her classes also have versions suitable for vegan and halal diets.

Yucco carefully taught the students how to cook, giving informative details and tips such as how to choose dried fish (katsuobushi), and the differences between different types of soy sauce amongst other useful pieces of advice. It was knowledge that they could immediately put into practice both here and in the home. Her fluent English, mixed with jokes, lightened the atmosphere and filled the classroom with bright smiles. Yucco also taught the students a special style of cutting to help them keep their ingredients at a uniform size when cooking, so that the cooking times between ingredients stayed similar.

Here are the attendants' comments about the class:

"Educational and enjoyable."

"It was a really amazing experience. I enjoy learing about Japanese food very much."

"I liked the class a lot. Explanations were completely clear, staff was really cute."

About the Knives

To maximise the students' experience, we provided our "G-Line Series" Santoku to use in the class. This series' blade is made of VG-1 stainless steel, which has been popular among chefs for a long time because of its sharpness and long edge retention.

The G-Line Series' sharpness surprised the students at the first cut, making their vegetable preparation for the nikujaga dish they were learning a breeze.

Here are their comments about the knives:

"It was really sharp and cool. I used to use an old knife at home, so it felt really different."

"The knives were really sharp and good for cooking and using. I would recommend it."

"Really nice, I liked how I didn't need to use much force to cut the food. I liked how it glided through."

You can have the amazing experience of a wonderful cooking class and
try the unparalleled sharpness of Japanese knives at Experieat Osaka Flavors!!

G-Line Series