G-LINE: A Cost Effective VG1 Steel Knife with Edge Retention

sakai ichimonji mitsuhide G-LINE

Sakai Ichimonji’s G-LINE knives have become one of our longest selling products.
When we first introduced the G-LINE to our store, most Japanese Knives were made of Carbon Steel, and stainless steel knives were very rare in the market.
As the years have passed the popularity of this VG-1 Stainless Steel blade has continued to grow.

Among our Western Style Knives, the G-Line has become beloved by professional cooks.

The secret to its popularity is performance and range.
The G-Line incorporates Chef's knives and petty knives, as well as Japanese knives like Deba and Yanagiba knives - however still retains that Western-styled handle many chefs around the world are already used to.

The overall design is simple yet practical, so much so that anyone can appreciate it.

Additionally, it is well balanced and fits comfortably in the hand, so the user won't tire after long term use.

The G-LINE is made from VG-1 Stainless Steel, perhaps not as impressive to some as Silver #3 or VG-10, yet the performance and build quality speaks for itself. Infact, its hardness is comparable to that of VG-10!

Some people have a negative impression of Stainless Steel knives.
They feel that it is difficult to sharpen or that it won’t cut well.
Modern Stainless Steel like VG-1 has thankfully corrected many of these problems.

When it comes to older Stainless Steel, it’s actually quite soft, yet is more difficult to sharpen.
Being on the market for so long has made this knife series and the steel itself incredibly popular.
Personally, I find modern Stainless Steels perform very well and provide the added benefit of rust resistance.

The trouble is, modern Stainless Steel is still a little harder to sharpen.

We find that Stainless Steel can feel slippery on the stone when sharpening and requires a bit more care and patience.

The G-LINE feels sharp and hard to the touch, unlike many other Stainless Steels used in knives.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, Stainless Steel can still rust. It's not truly "stainless", despite its name.
It’s true that it is more resistant to rust than Carbon Steel thanks to the prescense of chromium, but neglect and misuse can still cause rust formation to commence.
Rust on a Stainless Steel blade can be troublesome to remove due to its pitting nature, so please be careful.


The G-LINE has been manufactured since the introduce of Stainless Steel knives.
Its quality is apparent in the love it has received from the chef community over the years.

It will continue to demonstrate the quality of Sakai Ichimonji’s knives into the future.