Knives for Housewarming Gifts

When someone moves house, or perhaps even buys or builds their own home to live in it's a cause for celebration. Housewarmings are fun events to bring family and friends together in a new place. Plus sometimes it's the first time a person uses their kitchen in their new house for a party!

Housewarming gifts can be difficult to figure out at times, but we believe a good kitchen knife is always appreciated. This article will help you decide what to get, or perhaps what to ask for as a housewarming present.

New Life. New Start. New Tools.

Why is the housewarming happening?

Firstly, it's important to consider the housewarming itself.

Is this someone moving into a new rental?
Are they moving after many years, or perhaps just a short time?
Is this their potential forever home, perhaps if they bought it?
Are they moving away from family, or potentially in with a partner?
Are there any other reasons for this move?

There's a lot there to consider and factor in when you look for a knife as a present. Try to consider how important this relocation is for the recipient - and remember it could be way more important than you think or realise.

Many say that giving a knife is a bad omen because it can "sever ties," but ancient history infers that knives were given to ward off evil and "open a way to the future." You can find more on this in our knife gift etiquette article, just be sure to explain the reasons you're giving knives to the recipient.

We'll highlight six different knives today, three if someone is moving house, three if someone has recently bought or constructed a home and is moving in. It's important to also to consider the general theme of the house - but we know that isn't always possible. Our recommendations are more general with this in mind.

Knives for Moving House

Our best-selling SWORD-FV10 Santoku knife is often purchased as a gift from our shop. Thanks to its great cutting power and edge retention, as well as it's rust and water damage resistance both in the blade and handle, it's a very reliable choice for most. If they are used to Western knives, this is weighted similarly.

For a knife that comes off more stylish and can be used as a presentation piece, or maybe displayed in a prominent position in the home, consider a Kirameki Powder Damascus Steel Santoku. The pattern looks fantastic, is unique and the knife itself is an SG2 Powdered High Speed Tool steel, designed to be extremely sharp and hold its edge for a long time.

Finally, for one that goes for a bit more of the Japanese aethestic, you can always switch to a Wa-Santoku. Silver Steel #3 is a great material which holds its sharpness for a while and cuts well. Our Silver Steel #3 Damascus Wa-Santoku does require a bit more care, but this is perfect for a new home as things may already be in good order.

Knives for buying or building a new home

If a house is being bought or especially if it's being built, there's often a lot more say in what the kitchen will look like. Therefore, sometimes it can be more important to find a quality knife that also matches the kitchen's theme.

For example, if the kitchen is more of a stylish one, we recommending complimenting that with something equally stylish such as a our AUS10 Sazanami Damascus Wa-Santoku.

With an all stainless steel finish, this Kirameki VG-1 Stainless Santoku knife is designed to bring more of a sense of unity to a kitchen, so perhaps this would work well in a kitchen that already has many steel coloured or material based items.

Finally, if a kitchen is mostly coloured white, sometimes it's great to have an item that really contrasts that, which our Blue Steel #2 Kiyoshi Wa-Santoku. In the case of this knife, as it is a carbon steel knife using premium materials this particular style is probably for people who are a little more particular about their knife care, as there is the risk of rust.

The lists above are non-exhaustive. We have many other options as well, so feel free to contact us if you have questions or want to look at other options. You don't necessarily have to go with a santoku either! This is simply a very multi-purpose option. Feel free to stretch out and try another knife, like a nakiri for example!

In short, santoku make great gifts, but other knives work too! Get a knife that will help them adjust to their new life.

Gift Wrapping Ideas

For wrapping your gift or adding some flair to it as well, there are a couple of options available.

Firstly, let's look at the Paulownia Wooden Box. It's a good way to add some flair, but also some durability to your present. It truly gives the knife its own place in the home. You can read more about it in our blog entry dedicated to these.

Additionally, you can also consider a saya, or a sheathe for your knife. We carry wooden and leather ones on our website, but we have other options available too using higher quality materials. Feel free to ask us what is available! Always buy the saya at the same time as your knife, so we can make sure it fits correctly as they are handmade to a relative spec.

Wooden Saya For Santoku

For more gift ideas, or if you need a little more guidance then feel free to reach out to us! We're more than happy to go through our range for you, or help you decide what knife is best for your gift ideas.