Yanagiba Knife

Applications of the Yanagi-blade Knife (Sashimi Knife)

This knife is used to cut fish meat into bite-sized pieces or cut it into blocks after being processed. It is also called a Willow-blade knife or a Masao knife. The name is said to have originated from the shape of the spiky leaves of iris and willow trees.

How to Select a Yanagi-blade Knife

First We recommend Hakuni-Kasumi Ken, which is made from the most popular steel in Sakai. It can cover a wide range of people from beginners to top chefs. For Japanese & Sushi Restaurants Ideally, it should be as hard as possible and have a well-developed blade thickness. Our recommendation is "Shiroichi-ko Mon-tanren." It is a White Steel No.1 knife (Shiro-ichi Hagane), which is very difficult to harden and is the most popular Willow-blade knife in our shop. We recommend it with confidence. For Restaurants with High Turnover For those who may not have time to wipe off the knife every time, we recommend the "White Silver" series of stainless steel knives made of Gin San Steel. Open Kitchen and Counter Kitchen Restaurants When customers see chefs using impressive-looking knives, both the reputation of the chef and restaurant receive a boost. We have a variety of stylish "Hikari" knives to satisfy those chefs.