Applications of the Mioroshi Knife

This is a knife which is much thinner than the Aidaeba, its shape being somewhere between the Yanagi-ba and the Deba. It is useful for grating and filleting fish, but when you want to cut off the head or through bones, you should use the Deba knife.

How to Select a Mioroshi Knife

Some of these blades have a cutting edge that comes to a little less than half of its width, but choose this one when you are mainly doing filleting work. If you want to do both grating and filleting, such as at a at a fish shop, select a stronger blade with a narrow width. At Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide, our knives are made to have a certain amount of strength. If you are looking for a knife with a thin edge and a wide cutting edge, please contact us for more information. First We recommend Hakuni-Kasumi Ken, which is made from the most popular steel in Sakai. It can cover a wide range of people from beginners to top chefs. For Japanese & Sushi Restaurants Ideally, it should be as hard as possible and have a well-developed blade thickness. We recommend the "Shiro-ichi Mon-tanren" knife. This is a popular knife for those who want a long-lasting, efficient blade. It is very difficult to harden, and we can confidently recommend it as the most popular kitchen knife in our shop. For Restaurants with High Turnover You may not have time to wipe off the knife every time. In that case, we recommend the "White Silver" stainless steel series of knives made of Gin San Steel.