Gyuto Chef's Knife

Gyuto Chef Knife

What is a Gyuto Chef's Knife

A Gyuto is a Japanese evolution of the classic European chef's knife. The overall shape and design are based on the French style of straighter and narrower blades with the added benefit of harder and thinner Japanese steel, complete with the tighter angle you can expect from Japanese knives.

While it does translate literally as "beef sword", a Gyuto chef's knife is the ultimate all-purpose knife for use in the home kitchen or restaurant. It can be used for slicing, dicing, filleting, and any number of other tasks.

How to Select a Gyuto Chef's Knife

When choosing a Gyuto chef's Knife, we suggest keeping in mind the length and weight of the knife as this will impact how long you can use it without making your hands feel tired.
It's also important to consider the environment you will use the knife in. For example, if you work in a professional kitchen, you may want a Gyuto chef's knife with an all-steel handle for hygienenic reasons.

How long are Gyuto Chef's Knives

Gyuto usually range from 180mm to 300mm. The most common for home use is 210mm as this gives the best balance of length and weight for smaller spaces.
For professional use, 240mm and above is more common as the extra length helps when breaking down large slabs of meat.

Recommended Stainless Steel Knives ーOur Popular Seriesー

 For people who prioritize ease of sharpening.

The blade of the 8A-N Series is made from AUS-8, one of the popular stainless steels for Japanese Knives. It is easy to sharpen and slightly tougher than other stainless steels so it is less likely to chip during use. The sharp cutting ability and edge retention of our 8A-N Series is also improved by quenching. As it's low-maintenance, this is a good choice for newcomers to Japanese Knives.

 For people who prioritize long-edge retention.

The blade of the G-LINE Series is made from VG-1, a steel made from purified materials with high-skilled steelmaking technology. This leads to high hardness, sharpness and long edge retention. As it has a long sharpness life, it is recommended for long time cooks and those who do not want to sharpen so often.

 For people who want "no compromises". It is easy to sharpen and has excellent edge retention.  

The blade of the FV10 Series is made from VG-10, an evolution of VG-1. VG-10 offers much easier sharpening compared to the VG-1 series. Furthermore, our FV10 is manufactured by a unique tempering process. This keeps high hardness and sharpness levels, with long edge retention while also making it easy to sharpen. As a result, it leads to the best balance that stainless steel knives can have.

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