Damascus Knives

Sakai Ichimonji Damascus and Suminagashi Kitchen Knives

The finest of Sakai Ichimonji`s Japanese Damascus & Suminagashi kitchen knives

Historical Damascus Steel

"Damascus" historically referred to steel produced in India and the Middle East. This special steel contained a unique, wave-like or marbled pattern. While known for its beauty, the techniques used to produce this Damascus are unclear.

Modern Japanese Damascus Steel

Modern Japanese Damascus is the process of forge welding sheets of steel together. This involves different chemical compositions to create a unique pattern on each blade. Generally, modern Damascus is for cosmetic purposes.

Damascus has gained in popularity over the last ten years due to it's beauty and variety. Many craftsmen produce their own unique Damascus, with each piece being one-of-a-kind.

Suminagashi Steel

Suminagashi means "Ink Flowing" and is the name of Damascus produced in the Sakai region of Japan. Traditional Suminagashi is very time-consuming and difficult to produce. As a result, it is well known and valued among Japanese kitchen knife communities.

How to Choose a Japanese Kitchen Knife for Beginners

How to Choose a Japanese Kitchen Knife for Beginners

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