Wa-Santoku Knives

What is a Wa-Santoku Knife?

"Wa-Santoku" refers to a Santoku knife with a Japanese-style handle since "Wa" is a Japanese word that signifies "traditional Japanese style". In Japanese households, Santoku Knives are all-purpose knives that are widely used. They are used for cutting fish, meat, and vegetables. Most of them have blade length around 17 - 18cm.

How to Choose the Blade Materials - Carbon Steel vs Stainless Steel

The adventages of carbon steels (e.g. White Steel, Blue Steel) are their sharpness and ease of resharpening. On the other hand, they are susceptible to moisture, and if not maintained properly, the blades will rust.

Stainless steels (e.g. Silver Steel#3, VG10, Molybdenum Steel) are resistant to rust and easy to maintain. The sharpness of the blade is getting better year by year, but they are still more difficult to sharpen than carbon steels.

We recommend carbon steel to people who value sharpness and ease of sharpening while recommend stainless steel to people who value rust resistance and ease of maintenance.

How to Choose a Japanese Kitchen Knife for Beginners

How to Choose a Japanese Kitchen Knife for Beginners

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