Sheaths & Saya

What is a saya?

Saya are wooden sheathes used to keep your knife safe and from rusting, and you safe when pulling your knife out of the kitchen drawer. They're also very useful for transporting your knife comfortably and reduces risk to yourself and others.

Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide stocks a variety of sheaths & Japanese style saya to suit your kitchen knives. 

Our range incorporates traditional Japanese wood saya with locking pins to Western style leather sheaths, which are slightly more universal. From gyuto to santoku all the way to deba and yanagiba, we've got saya of all kinds!

*NOTE: Our Wooden Sheaths (Saya) are only available for knives purchased in-store/online at the same time.

Our saya are handcrafted from magnolia wood by our skilled craftsmen for each individual knife to ensure a perfect fit.

If you buy only wooden sheaths without an attached knife to the order, they may not fit your knives correctly. In that case, you will need to adjust it by yourself. Such orders also cannot be canceled or returned after delivery.

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How to Choose a Japanese Kitchen Knife for Beginners

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