Applications of the Aideba (Dual-bladed) Knife

It is thinner than a Deba (de-bladed) knife but thicker than a Mioroshi (wholesale) knife. Its thinness makes it easier to handle than a Deba knife, and useful when the fish is difficult to fillet. It is useful for both grating and filleting fish, but if you want to cut off the head or through bones, you should use a Deba knife.

How to Select an Aideba Knife

First We recommend Hakuni Steel Kasumi Ken made of Hakuni Steel, the most popular material in Sakai. Our artisans are experienced in handling it, and as a result, its cost performance is high. The Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide is the most popular double-bladed knife at Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide, among a wide range of people from beginners to top chefs. For those who are looking for long-lasting sharpness, we recommend the "Ao-hagane Hon-kasumi," which gives the Hakuni steel a tenacious quality and is superior in terms of long-lasting sharpness and strength.