Usuba Knife

Applications of the Usuba (Thin-bladed) Knife

These knives are used for cutting, chopping, and skinning vegetables in Japanese cuisine. The cutting edge must be kept straight in both plane and cross-section, and of the three basic knives, it is the one that requires the most skill in sharpening.

How to Select an Usuba Knife

There are two types of thin blade, the sickle type thin blade which is straight to the tip of the blade, a curved back, and the Edo type thin blade which is rectangular and has a rounded tip. If you are not particular about it, a sickle-type thin blade that can work with the cutting edge is recommended. Chopping work with ingredients like leeks and is called "uchimono"—as contact between the blade and the cutting board increases, the sharpness of the blade tends to decrease. For efficiency's sake, you want to choose a knife that will last for a long time. First We recommend Hakuni-Kasumi Ken, which is made from the most popular steel in Sakai. It can cover a wide range of people from beginners to the top chefs. It is the No. 1 selling product for thin blades, probably because it is easy to sharpen. For Japanese & Sushi Restaurants The ideal is one that is as hard as possible and has a well-developed blade thickness. We recommend the "Shiro-ichi Hagane Mon-tanren." We confidently recommend it with the very difficult to harden White Steel No. 1 (Shiro-ichi steel). For Restaurants with High Turnover You may not have time to wipe off the knife every time. In that case, we recommend the "White Silver" stainless steel series of knives made of Gin San Steel.