Wa gyuto Knives

Wagyu Knives (Gyuto)

What is Wagyu?

"Wagyu" means "Japanese beef." However, it isn't an umbrella term for just any Japanese cow. There are different grades of wagyu. The renowned luxury version refers to four breeds of cattle native to Japan. One of them has a genetic predisposition to create a marbling of fat on inside of muscle tissue. The cow metabolizes the fat internally, so it's integrated within the muscle. The result is a luscious cut of beef that almost dissolves once it hits one's tongue. Very high-end wagyu should be barely cooked, kept as raw as possible, and sliced so thin that it melts in one's mouth.

Introducing the Wagyu Knife (Gyuto)

Wagyu knives are a fusion of Japanese and Western design styles. The Japanese knife-style handle is combined with a single-material blade, designed for chefs to comfortably handle. Far from being limited to wagyu, culinary masters often find themselves using them to cut a variety of meats and vegetables.

Gyuto by Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide

Our Gyuto provides the ultimate in control and precision for preparing and finely crafted meats — especially authentic Japanese wagyu. Forged by master craftsmen and used by top chefs throughout the world, these professional-grade knives give superior control, consistency, and finesse.