Brand Introduction

Nearly 70 years ago, Hisaka Tanaka founded our knife shop in Osaka. He was inspired by the philosophy of dedicating one's life to the mastery of a craft, as demonstrated by the renowned swordsmith Ichimonji Narimune.

This small brand, which began with a single-minded desire to promote Sakai knives, has continued to meet chefs' needs throughout Japan and beyond. Today, it is one of the few places on earth where you can find over 2,000 types of top-quality Sakai knives.

By combining the ultimate in sharpness and durability, our Sakai Ichimonji knives have grown to be loved by even the most discerning chefs. While most of our customer base are masters of traditional Japanese cuisine, our knives' quality has been sought after by leading culinary professionals around the world.

01Exceptional Sharpness to Maximize Flavor

Sakai Ichimonji knives are hand-polished by craftsmen who have inherited the traditional Sakai knives craft—which has been refined over 600 years.

Our blades are manufactured using the annealing method. This refinement of traditional techniques draws out the maximum potential of the raw materials. As a result, our knives are sharper and longer-lasting than other knives made of the same material.

Finally, our skilled sharpeners give the blades a finishing touch just before they are shipped, so that you can experience their superior sharpness immediately.

02An Artistically Beautiful Cutting Surface for Your Kitchen

Perhaps you are seeking blades with a mirror finish to enhance your kitchen's splendor and make cutting smoother. Or maybe you prefer the stylish patterns of Damascus, which add toughness to the blade.
Whatever your needs, you will find it in our wide range of visually pleasing and functional knives.

03The Perfect Knives for All Your Needs

Sakai Ichimonji has a shop in Doguyasuji, a shopping street that chefs from all over Japan frequent. Over the years, we have responded to their various needs. As a result, we have more than 2,000 different types of top-quality Sakai knives in our offline store. However, online we only offer a limited selection. If you are having trouble finding the right knife on our site, please don't hesitate to contact us with a description of your needs. We'll provide suggestions from our entire in-store range.

In the rare case that you have specific requirements that our current stock cannot meet, please let us know your needs, and we can provide you with a quotation for one or more custom-made knives.


Yasuo Marumachi

For over 40 years, Yasuo Marumachi has worked as a craftsman at Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide. He now oversees the various stages of our knives' lifecycle, including production, finishing, and maintenance.

He is a revered craftsman with almost half a century of experience in the entire process of blacksmithing, edging, and sharpening Japanese and Western knives. His mission is to guarantee the quality of Sakai Ichimonji knives.

When he is not in our workshop or store, you can find Yasuo teaching courses on knives at top culinary schools such as those run by the Tsuji Group.

Our artisans can engrave a name and tagline onto the blade of any knife you purchase—ideal for gifts or even just to prevent theft.

  • Our artisans can engrave a name and tagline onto the blade of any knife you purchase—ideal for gifts or even just to prevent theft.

  • When you purchase a knife from our site, we include an expiration-free sharpening coupon for a minimum of five artisanal grinding wheels.
    *Separate shipping charges apply. Please click here for details.

  • Are you buying for a special occasion? Special Japanese-style wrapping is available free of charge. It's ideal for commemorating new restaurant openings, birthdays, or other significant events.