White Steel#1 Montanren Sakimaru Takobiki

White Steel#1 Montanren Sakimaru Takobiki

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A professional knife forged from Shiroko#1 steel, it sharpens easily and cuts beautifully.Shiroko#1 steel has more carbon content than the classic Shiroko#2, making it harder, with better performance and longer lasting usage. It is the sharpest steel amongst white steel, which is known for sharp cutting performance. Amongst Yasugi steel, the Shiroko#1 is particularly difficult to handle, requiring advanced technology in production.The White Steel#1 Montanren DebaKnife is painstakingly hand-crafted by a highly-skilled craftsman.


Top grade timber from the evergreen coniferous trees found in the mountainous regions of Hokkaido to Kyushu is used for the blade. This type of wood is also used for various crafts such as ittoborif(literally, eone knifef) wood carving and shaku scepter in the Hida region, as well as table tops and pencils. The features that set this wood apart from other materials are its fine wood grain, glossy luster and beautiful color tone that become more intense with age.

Product number Actual Blade Length (mm) Full Length (mm) Total Weight (g)
1ts9s-300 - - -
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