Limited release!

Limited Edition
Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide X Nenohi Coreless Santoku

We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing a limited edition Sakai Ichimonji x Nenoki Coreless Steel Santoku Kitchen Knife (Olive Wood Handle) on May 17th. This is an extremely limited stock and will not be replenished after it is sold out.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

※One piece per person

The sale starts from May 17th at the price of 58,000 JPY.

Until the limited edition knives go on sale.


The Limited Edition
Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide
Santoku Knife

This unique collaboration called for a unique blade, and for the first time Nenohi has produced a Coreless Steel Santoku knife. This is an extremely limited production run with any future release undecided at the present time.

About the Steel
Japanese Coreless Steel

Japanese Coreless Steel is made of VG2 Steel and VG10 Steel in multiple layers, this results in a blade with a very fine and uniform carbide structure. This ultimately means the blade will be sharper, harder and last longer than most other steels.
Coreless Steel can be difficult to work due to it’s high hardness, and producing a blade that is thin and beautiful takes a great deal of skill, experience and a steady hand as the use of machinery can cause warping or distortion of the final pattern.

About the handle
Mediterranean Olive Wood

Throughout history, the Olive Tree has been a symbol of peace, love, immortality and hope. In the uncertain times of today, Sakai Ichimonji has chosen to utilize Mediterranean Olive wood on our Limited Edition Santoku, to remind us all of the hope and peace that our future brings.

Thank you for your participation and submissions to the SNS campaign.

We received a lot of feedback and it was very difficult to decide on the winners.
We will announce the winners on May 17 via social media and our website. Stay tuned!

Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide

For over 70 years, in the heart of Osaka’s kitchen district, Sakai Ichimonji Mtsuhide has been supporting the chefs of Japan with high quality knives and kitchenware.

About our collaborators: Nenohi

Nenohi is a kitchen knife manufacturer based in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. They are well known for the unique handles of the Nenox Series of Japanese Knives.
Nenohi has a focus on quality and is not bound by established concepts of style, materials and costs.
They are popular with blades among professional chefs in high end restaurants who value exceptional finishing, cutting performance and quality.