SNS Campaign Winners announced!

We finally have a winner for our campaign!

We had a fantastic response to our Sakai Ichimonji X Nenohi Knife Campaign.

The campaign ran from April 12th to May 5th, and during that period , we were delighted to read the comments and stories left by all our valued followers across the globe.

The selection process was lengthy and difficult, but we have managed to select a winner from each campaign (Facebook, Instagram and the Ichimonji webpage).

We offer our deepest thanks and appreciation for all who entered the campaign.

▼ Winners announced! ▼

Facebook Winner

Aloysius Chan


Instagram Winner

Jason Liang



Alex Ching


Winners will be contacted via e-mail or DM.
Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you so much for your participation and impressive comments.

If you didn't win one of these beautiful Sakai Ichimonji X Nenohi knives, don't give up!
It will be available in extremely limited supply on our website right now.
Don't miss your chance!

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