Special Knife

If you come to Japan, you will see no such thing as a "Japanese restaurant." Instead, each establishment tends to specialize in a particular type of dish or subcategory of Japanese cuisine. Thus, rather than working as generalists, most Japanese chefs become masters at doing a few things exceptionally well. Over time, such specialists evolve unique workflows and find that general-purpose knives are not optimal for the types of ingredients they are cutting. Thus, over many decades of receiving special requests from top culinary professionals, Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide has developed over 2,000 different types of knives. Handmade by renowned craftsmen using age-old traditional techniques combined with today's technology, our knives become essential equipment supporting the careers of dedicated professionals in the restaurant industry. Diners in your restaurant will be able to taste the difference when their food is prepared by a master chef using the best knives.